Our Infection Prevention solutions are designed to elevate the quality of service and care for patients, carers, and facilities.

By integrating our solutions, we can provide a seamless protection for patients, carers, and environments.

Vernacare`s Integrated Waste, Hygiene and Environmental solutions bridge the gap between interactions between People, Care and Environments preventing a chain of infection. Each of these components are paramount to reducing HCAIs prevalence, preventing incidence, and driving continuous IPC efficiency and facility improvement.

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Our leading range of single-use dry and wet wipes providing options for individualised care regimens.

Vortex Air

The latest hospital macerator utilising unique SmartFlow™ Technology to deliver unparalleled performance, ensuring free-flowing drains, and safe, contactless operation for healthcare professionals.


A range of wipes and sprays providing healthcare professionals with simple and effective solutions for cleaning and disinfection.

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The Issue

For the patient HCAIs not only significantly increase the risk of premature death but can also lead to short-term complications, which can result in longer term social and psychological repercussions.

It is estimated that between 7%-15% patients per 100 in advanced acute care settings acquire healthcare infections unnecessarily.1

The Solution

For the care facility – HCAIs not only put their staff at risk of infection and unwarranted sickness from bacterial transmission- but also increases the level of care and extended treatment needed to help the patient back to wellness. The stress on staff sick days, increased treatment and longer bed occupancy massively impacts hospital efficiency and budgets.

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