Conti® provides a versatile range of dry and wet wipes, specifically designed for a variety of applications maintaining high standards of personal hygiene.

With 40 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Conti®; which is manufactured in the UK offers a versatile range of proven healthcare-grade solutions, ideal for bed bathing, continence care, post-toileting and hands and face cleansing.

What Makes Conti® Unique?

Conti® is manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance:

  • Evidence-based solutions
  • The Conti® range is tried and tested, independently proven to perform better than alternative brands
  • Leading NHS brand
  • Conti® is the leading and trusted brand which is used widely across most UK trusts and the wider international healthcare market
  • Conti® offers an unparalleled range of dry and wet wipes, specifically designed to deliver high standards of care

Providing patients with choice and empowering them to care for themselves wherever possible, is a critical element in the shift towards patient-centred care.

Bed Bathing & Continence Care

Combining strength, softness and absorbency, Conti® provides a comprehensive range of dry wipes, which can be incorporated into individualised continence care or bathing regimens. With a variety of fibre blends and nonwoven technologies available within our dry wipes range, our product specialists are on hand to guide you through product selection and disposal options.

  • 81% more absorbent than other brands
  • Ideal for continence care and moisture management. High absorption ensures a patient’s skin is left dry without the need for vigorous rubbing and wiping, which can irritate
  • Proven to reduce wipe usage by 73%
  • A common misconception has been created that ‘all wipes are the same’
  • The size and quality of Conti® wipes support a reduction in usage and overall cost
  • Use standalone or as part of a ‘two-step’ cleansing process
  • Conti® wet wipes lather well with cleansers and soaps, remaining durable when wet

Conti® Barrier Cloth

Conti® Barrier Cloth is specifically designed to improve incontinence management and deliver intelligent skincare. The all-in-one wipe is pre-impregnated with skin cleansers and moisturisers, delivering gentle and effective skin cleansing; whilst dimethicone provides barrier protection, minimising the negative effects of re-wetting.

  • 3% dimethicone barrier protection
  • One-step continence care
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested
  • Fragrance-free and pH balanced


Lack of consumer education and mislabelling often results in inappropriate wipe disposal, which can have a significant knock-on effect on our sewer systems.

Conti® flushable wet and dry wipes provide an all-in-one time-saving solutions for post toileting; with the added convenience of quick, safe and hygienic disposal in either a toilet or hospital macerator. Unlike toilet paper or competitor alternatives, Conti® wipes are large and durable, ideal for assisted toileting.

  • EDANA certified - passes the latest EDANA GD4 dispersibility testing, providing a truly flushable and maceratable solution
  • 100% plastic-free - cellulose-based material provides a more environmentally-friendly sustainable alternative
  • Larger durable option - the large wipes provide greater hand coverage for assisted toileting and a more dignified experience

Hands & Face Cleansing

Conti® patient cleansing wet wipes contain no harmful chemicals and offer convenient cleansing for both hands and face, helping to keep skin refreshed and moisturised. Unlike alcohol gels or products containing disinfectants which may cause irritation or dryness, our super soft wipes physically remove harmful pathogens whilst moisturising and protecting the skin.

  • Proven to physically remove over 99% of contamination from hands - Ideal for when traditional hand washing isn’t available
  • Approved for use on babies over 3 months - ensuring suitability for use in paediatric settings through to aged care facilities
  • Increases skin moisturisation by 17% - Providing an ideal solution for dry or sensitive skin

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