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Smarter diagnostics. Sustainable design. Superior performance.

The Vortex Air utilises the latest in motor control and diagnostic tools to minimise machine downtime whilst our SmartFlow™ maceration system ensures maximum performance. The smooth design and antimicrobial surfaces also work to reduce the risk of HCAIs alongside our sensor controlled touchless technology operation.


Medical Pulp Macerator

The newest Vernacare machine on the market - the Vortex Air is designed to process 4 medium sized, or 6 large single-use pulp products and human waste. 

Smarter diagnostics - Something in your macerator that shouldn't be? The Vortex Air contains advanced diagnostics technology which protects against overloading which reduces machine downtime.

Sustainable design - Did you know replacing your existing macerator with a Vortex Air can save over 20,000L of water per year?

Superior performance - The Vortex Air utilises antimicrobial technology to further protect from HCAIs in the sluice room. It also has multiple cycle modes for optimisation in your sluice room, including quiet mode, heavy duty, and eco. 

Features and Benefits of the Vortex Air


Why choose a single-use disposable system?

SmartFlow™ Technology

Vernacare invented SmartFlow™ Technology to protect the environment and the healthcare facility. Our unique 'closed-drum' system ensures that all waste produced into our machines is fully broken down before being released into our wastewater system.

Upon discharge, when crushed and disintegrated by the macerator, the Vernacare pulp decomposes into particles, which are easily transported by the sewage pipes into the wastewater treatment plants. 

Studies have shown our discharge rate is 4x faster than competitors.

Vernacare's SmartFlow™ Technology and pulp has been independently verified by EDANA

Working smarter to keep your teams safer

Vernacare offers a range of servicing solutions to ensure that your macerators always operate to the highest infection prevention standards.

Just like you would service a car to keep it running, your macerator needs regular servicing to ensure maximum performance and continued efficiency.

Our Technical Services team are on hand to offer assistance. Get in touch with the team today to find out about our service offerings. 

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