The Conti Waterless Bathing range provides accessible body and hair cleansing for those receiving bedbound care.

Replacing soap and water with a pre-dosed cleansing solution promotes good practice in infection prevention whilst ensuring minimal disturbance for those receiving assistance.

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Conti® Rinse Free Shampoo Cap

Conti® Waterless Bathing Shampoo Caps provide an effective rinse free solution for bedbound hair cleansing.

The pre-impregnated cap features cleansers and conditioners, released with a massaging action into the hair. Hydrophilic (water loving) fabric absorbs oil and dirt from the head retaining it within the cap, to leave the hair and scalp feeling soft, fresh, and clean.

The specially designed formulation is rinse free and quick drying to leave the hair towel dry when the cap is removed.

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Conti® Bed Bathing Washcloths

The large heavyweight cloths are developed for optimal ease of use and comfort during everyday full body cleansing.

A unique pH balanced formula cleanses and conditions whilst also increasing moisturisation, promoting clean, soft, and healthy skin.

The quick drying formulation removes the need for towel drying or excess rubbing, making an ideal bathing solution for even the most fragile and sensitive skin.

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Conti® Warmer

Our range is designed around the individual needs of those receiving care or assistance, and as such products can be used at room temperature or warmed. The dedicated® Conti Warming unit can be adjusted to the desired temperature.

The compact design heats up to 16 packs at any one time and achieves a consistent temperature. A lighting system supports efficient stock rotation by letting healthcare staff know which packs requires use first.

Read case studies on the implementation of Conti waterless bathing at an NHS hospital

"Waterless Bathing is more likely to help improve skin conditions compared to traditional soap and water approaches" - read the British Journal of Nursing's article now to learn more.

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Features and Benefits

Conti® is developed with personalised care in mind. We believe that those receiving assistance in bathing should be able to participate in decisions made around their personal care.

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Dematologically Tested

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Increases Moisturisation

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Quick Drying Formula

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Leaves Skin Free From Odours

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Cleanses and Conditions Hair

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pH Balanced

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CHG Compatible

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