Versatile continence care and bathing solutions developed with personalised care in mind.

A comprehensive range of multipurpose dry wipes, which combine a well-balanced blend of strength, softness and absorbency to deliver best practice in hygiene through everyday personal care.

Selecting the right solution to meet individual care needs

With a variety of fibre blends and nonwoven technologies available across our range, our product specialists are on hand to guide you through the selection process, and various disposal options.

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Conti® Flushable

Conti® Flushable provides a completely plastic free alternative for post toileting, with the added convenience of quick, safe, and hygienic disposal in either a toilet or macerator. Large and durable, this wipe is ideal for assisted toileting.

Conti® Lite

Conti® Lite combines strength and performance in a lightweight material. This everyday wipe provides a cost effective, reliable option for a range of care tasks. Available in both small and large.

Conti® Maceratable

Conti® Maceratable provides a more environmentally friendly alternative, made from cellulose-based fibres. Designed to disperse once disposed of in a hospital macerator, this option supports a reduction in blockages and costly callouts.

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Conti® Cotton Soft

Conti® Cotton Soft offers a cotton and viscose enriched material for a more textile feel. Designed specifically for the effective cleansing of heavily soiled skin.

Conti® Soft

Conti® Soft provide strength and softness to support daily cleansing needs. Soft enough for use on fragile and sensitive skin.

Conti® Super Soft

Conti® Super Soft is a highly absorbent, ensuring the skin is left dry without the need for vigorous rubbing and wiping. Its softness makes it ideal for cleansing all areas of the body, including fragile and sensitive skin. Available in both small and large.

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Features and Benefits

Conti® is developed with personalised care in mind. We believe that those receiving assistance in bathing should be able to participate in decisions made around their personal care.

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Highly Absorbent

Ensuring the skin is left dry, without the need for vigorous rubbing and wiping – Ideal for continence care and moisture management.

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Reducing Environmental Impact

Adopting Conti’s cellulose-based washcloth, in place of synthetics, can reduce carbon footprint by up to 83%, supporting net zero targets.

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Proven to Reduce Waste

The size and quality of Conti® Cleansing Dry Wipes support a reduction in usage and overall cost.

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Multipurpose Cleansing

Suitable to use standalone or as part of a ‘two-step’ cleansing process, Conti® Wipes lather well with cleansers and soaps, remaining durable when wet.

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