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Sterile, unbreakable speculum with a sidewall retractor to ensure unobstructured view of the cervix.

Medical professionals report increasing incidences of vaginal side-wall prolapse, which can restrict visibility, access and slow down examinations leading to costly referrals for procedures to take place under anaesthetic. 

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Why choose the Ultraspec® with Sidewall Retractor?

Unobstructed view of the cervix - fewer patients need referrals & streamline patient care

Easy and gentle displacement of vaginal sidewall without removing the speculum

Cost-saving - use one speculum for inspection and treatment

Time saving - simply insert the retractor instead of aborting the procedure

Patient Protection - designed to reduce incidences of inadvertent sidewall burns during cervical procedures

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Available in a wide range of sizes and pack quantities to suit all needs.

Combined with the Ultraspec® Speculum, there's a solution for all healthcare facilities from combo kits to bulk quantities.

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3USRPKC - Combo Kit - 1 Free Sidewall Retractor with 10 x Ultraspec® - Medium

3USRPLC - Combo Kit - 1 Free Sidewall Retractor with 10 x Ultraspec® - Medium-Long

3SUVPKC - Ultraspec® Speculum Extra-Small

3SUSPKC - Ultraspec® Speculum Small

3SUMPKC - Ultraspec® Speculum + 1 Free Sidewall Retractor - Medium

3SULPKC - Ultraspec® Speculum + 1 Free Sidewall Retractor - Medium-Long

3SUBPKC - Ultraspec® Speculum Broad

3USRBUB - Ultraspec® Sidewall Retractor - Sterile

3USRBUC - Ultraspec® Sidewall Retractor - Non-Sterile

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