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Pioneering a safe and sustainable clinical waste management solution

With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, the Sharpsafe brand is a market innovator in sharps and clinical waste management. Since the first purpose-designed Sharps container in 1979, Sharpsafe® containers have been highly engineered to comply with international accreditation and standards, ensuring those working with sharps equipment are safe from preventable needlestick injuries.

The History of Sharpsafe

In 1979, the Sharpsafe brand introduced the world's first purpose-designed sharps container into the market and have continued introducing pioneering products into the healthcare industry ever since.

With innovations over the years, in 2021 we began our sustainability journey with a band - by introducing up to 100% recycled material into all our accessories and safety features.

Now, the 5th Generation of Sharpsafe has arrived with the world's first full range of sustainable, single-use sharps containers.

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Sharpsafe Features and Benefits

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(1) Temporary Closure

To be engaged when the container is not in use. Our temporary closure feature is incredibly easy to use and prevents hands from entering the container.

(2) Dead Space Lids

Mandatory dead space incorporated into lid design to further protect from the risk of sharps injuries

(3) Clearly Visible Fill Line

To prevent overfilling and risk needlestick injuries the fill line is clearly marked on the semi-translucent lid.

(4) Safety Shield

A non return flap built into the lid of every mid size container to reduce risk of overfilling

(5) Puncture Resistant

Puncture resistant container base, fully certified by ISO: 14001

(6) Optimised for increased volume

On average, our 7L container can hold 52* more needles than other leading brands. Switching to our products can increase efficiency by 18% on every container in your facility.

*When using 1ml needles

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Committed to Sustainability

We are committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Our Sharpsafe containers have a 94% reduction in their carbon footprint when compared to containers using virgin plastic.

Our range combines high-performance sharps waste management with our eco-conscious manufacturing. By switching our manufacturing over to our low carbon recycled materials, we are helping to support healthcare facilities to achieve their Net Zero targets.

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