Sharpsafe® - a range of containers for the safe disposal of clinical sharps which have evolved in line with healthcare and legislative infection control requirement

Sharpsafe® is a sharps management system that incorporates practice methodology designed to reduce needlestick injuries and deliver safe and effective management of sharps waste in accordance with international regulations.

Near Patient Sharps Disposal

Sharpsafe® Near Patient Sharps disposal (NPSD) is a strategy for reducing needlestick injures which features sharps containment products designed specifically to be taken to the patient.

Sharps are disposed of at the ‘point of use’ thus eliminating many of the opportunities for needlestick injuries, which inflict a huge additional cost on healthcare services each year.

Protected Access – the Sharpsafe® Protected range permits easy and safe disposal of sharps waste via an integral barrel shaped rotating aperture, which ensures hands are prevented from entering the container. The range is intended for use primarily for use in paediatric & public access areas such as outpatients and emergency departments.

Why Choose Sharpsafe®?

  • Made using low carbon footprint recycled materials
  • Innovative ‘safer by design’ products, services and the highest quality standards
  • Range available from 0.2 litre to 30 litres, plus specialist clinical containers
  • The only sharps containment system to incorporate translucent lids, protected access, safety shield and point of use disposal™ (NPSD™)
  • All containers conform to BS EN ISO 23907:2019 & UN3291
  • Manufactured using a management system compliant to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012 and BS EN ISO 14001:2004
  • The first to be awarded NF-X-30-511, the most rigorous European standard for resistance to penetration and impact
  • Complies with HTM 07-01: Safe Management of Healthcare Waste, and current NHS ‘point of use’ disposal guidelines

Vernacare are committed to providing sustainable infection prevention solouitons. We recognise the critical need of introducing recycled material into our range to support the reduciton of single-use plastic and lower our carbon footprint.

Making Single-Use Plastic Sustainable

Vernacare are committed to providing sustainable infection prevention solouitons. The roll out of recycled material within the Sharpsafe® product range reduces single-use plastic and reducing our carbon footprint as we look to support our customers to deliver on their environmental targets.

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