Robinson Healthcare is the UK’s leading brand of high quality medical absorbents and we have the only volume cotton wool manufacturing plant in the UK.

Excellence in medical absorbents can be traced back to the 1850’s when Robinson Healthcare was the first company in the world to mechanise the production of absorbent lint and 1885, when the company took out the world’s first patent for a sanitary towel.

Conforming to British Pharmacopoeia

Today, products are developed to meet the latest standards and benefit from modern, high quality manufacturing. The result is highly effective, high performance absorbents designed primarily as secondary wound dressings - but suitable for many other purposes. Where applicable, Robinson Healthcare cotton wool products conform to the British Pharmacopoeia monograph. The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) is the official collection of standards for UK medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances, including surgical dressings.

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High Quality Material & Manufacturing

Meeting standards stated in the BP monograph for absorbent cotton requires the use of high quality raw materials and careful attention to manufacturing techniques. In order to claim compliance with BP quality standards, products must conform to every aspect of the monograph.

Virtually all absorbents are manufactured in compliance with the appropriate British Pharmacopoeia (BP) or European Pharmacopoeia (EP) monographs. In addition, raw material undergoes microbiological testing to ensure that they comply with the company’s stringent requirements for low microbial count. Finished product also regularly goes through the same laboratory tests to maintain quality.

Raw material is also passed through a multi-phase magnetic removal process to ensure no metal contamination. Every finished product also passes through final stage electronic metal detection for ferrous and non-ferrous materials for added safety. All light fittings in the production area are enclosed to prevent any possible glass contamination. Finished product is regularly tested in our onsite laboratory to ensure compliance with the appropriate BP and EP monographs.

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