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The Comfi™ range offers a selection of high-quality tubular bandages and garments, developed by a team of woundcare experts.

Working with the NHS for over 20 years, Comfi™ is a brand leader, here to support you by developing the best products with benefits to support patients and healthcare professionals.

ComfiFast™ Tubular Bandages and Garments are made in the UK using high quality materials and SteamSoft fabric, resulting in a highly robust but soft and comfortable fabric that is ready to wear with no pins or tapes required.

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ComfiFAST™ Tubular & ComfiFAST™ MultiStretch™ Tubular Bandages

ComfiFAST™ tubular bandages are commonly used for dressing retention and dry wrapping of atopic eczema and skin covering for fragile skin. When used for dressing retention, ComfiFAST™ holds the primary wound dressing in place, providing an extra layer of protection during the healing process.

These colour coded bandages have been produced using SteamSoft™ technology and light, breathable fabrics, for patient comfort whilst offering single stretch in the radial direction. ComfiFAST™ MultiStretch™ tubular bandages are produced using the same light and breathable fabrics as ComfiFAST™ with added MultiStretch technology, meaning that the bandage stretches in the radial, longitudinal and diagonal directions.

ComfiWEAR™ Ready to Wear Garments 

Comfi™ ready to wear garments are available for both adults with our ComiWEAR™ range and children with ComfiKIDS™. They provide the ideal solution for covering the skin when using steroids, heavy emollients, or ointments for the treatment of common conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. They have been developed to be used in conjunction with oils and emollients prescribed by healthcare professionals.

By incorporating MultiStretch™ technology, the garments are constructed to stretch in multiple directions, meaning they are easy to apply for both healthcare professionals and patients. The garments offer additional comfort and are discreet to be worn under clothing.

With superior SteamSoft™ technology, our garments are not only ready to wear but also suitable for machine washing, allowing them to be used again and again whilst still retaining their softness.

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