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One of the first tissue retrieval bags to be adopted by laparoscopic surgeons for minimally invasive surgery.

The bert® range was developed alongside the advance of minimally invasive surgery and over 30 years later, the expanded range of bert® tissue retrieval bags is still a market leader, continuing to offer a safe, storng, reliable, and cost-effective tissue retrieval solution across an increasing range of laparoscopic procedures.

As a UK manufacturer, we have a proud heritage collaborating with surgeons to design, develop, and innovate our products to support clinical advancements in laparoscopic surgery.

The bert® range

The bert® range of sterile, single-use products are available in a variety of sizes to provide solutions for the retrieval of tissue and organs across a range of laparoscopic procedures.


The original bert® bag. A sterile laparoscopic tissue/specimen retrieval bag, suitable for the safe removal of smaller specimens including gallbladder, lymph nodes, ovaries, and apprendix.


The next size up, the nubert™ is a sterile laparoscopic tissue/specimen retrieval bag used to safely remove tissue including the gallbladder, ovaries, bladder, or adrenals.


The medium option, the albert™ is a sterile laparascopic tissue/specimen retrieval bag used to safely remove medium sized tissue. Used in procedures such as cysteconomy, prostatectomy, and splenectomy.


A larger alternative to the original bert® bag, the hubert™ is a sterile laparoscopic tissue/specimen retrieval bag used to safely remove larger specimens, such as the bladder, spleen, or colon.

Why choose bert®?

Highly Recommended

The bert® range is still a leading surgeon's choice.

Cost Effective

Still the most cost effective solution, without compromising on quality or performance. Reduce the need for over engineered products and switch to the loose tissue retrieval bags - less fuss, less waste, less cost!

Strength and Reliability

The bert® range is still one of the most reliable on the market, using only the strongest quality material, ripstop nylon, to ensure safety during surgery with no breakages, leaks, or tears.

Reduced environmental impact

The original and simple design of the bert® products negates the need for an introducer. Less plastic, less waste but without compromising performance.

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