How do Sharpsafe single-use containers reduce infection risk?
How do Sharpsafe single-use containers reduce infection risk?
Posted On June 1st, 2023
Clinical Waste Management

Protecting the safety of patients and healthcare workers is the fundamental core of our business. Our single-use Sharpsafe containers have been designed with patient and staff safety as the absolute foundation. A single-use sharps container is the only way to completely break the chain of infection. Here are the reason's why a Sharpsafe container is the ideal product to complete your clinical waste management solution, and reduce the risk of infection and sharps injury.

We break the chain of infection

The chain of infection is essentially how an infection spread from one person to another. By implementing single-use products, including single-use sharps containers, you are ultimately breaking that chain of infection. Once full of potentially contaminated needles and sharps, a Sharpsafe container is then safely disposed of and taking with it any potential risk of infection that may be inside that box.

Reusable sharps containers have been linked to higher C. Difficile infections, with hospitals using this form of sharps bin finding rates to be 15% higher than those implementing single-use sharps containers.1

With C. Difficle infections on the rise2, we cannot afford to take this risk.

We prevent sharps injury risk through protective shields

All our Sharpsafe containers come with included safety features which protect both patients, healthcare workers, and any potential area visitors.

All our containers have a safety shield either attached to or built into the product, this removes any risk of overfilling and any sharps accidentally or purposely being removed from a container.

We also have a range of Protected Access Sharps Containers, which are ideal for minimising sharps injuries and infection risk in high-use areas where children are present. These containers contain an additional protective shield which further prevents hands from entering the aperture and potentially injuring themselves, and also stops any incorrect items being disposed of inside.

We offer a NPSD system, reducing transport related infection risk

Coming in a wide range of sizes, our Sharpsafe sharps containers can be utilised in a number of different settings, including with one of our Near Patient Sharps Disposal trays. A 2L or 4L Sharps container can be slotted into the 100% recycled plastic tray, along with packaged needles and syringes in the front section, then safely transported to the patient. The sharp can then be immediately disposed of in the sharps container whilst still next to the patient. This removes the need to carry an uncapped sharp, by hand or in a tray, to a further destination and potentially trip, bump into someone, or any other occurrence which may pose a sharps injury threat and subsequent infection.

A contaminated sharp can carry a number of potential infection risks, including bloodborne viruses such as Hepatitis B and C, and HIV, which can have devastating lifelong effects.3

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We offer temporary and permanent closure features

As standard, all our Sharpsafe containers feature a temporary closure feature, which ensures that after each use the container can be safely closed preventing any hands from entering the aperture and potentially causing injury. Once the container is completely full, it can then be permanently closed, meaning it is near impossible to gain access to the contaminated sharps inside the container, containing any infection risk safely inside.

All our Sharpsafe containers are fully certified to incredibly high standards to ensure we manufacture and supply only the best products for patients and healthcare workers.

We fully adhere to ISO 23907-1-2019, passing stringent tests to ensure our Sharpsafe containers are leak proof, puncture proof, and all the safety features efficiently work to prevent sharps injuries, minimising any risk of associated infection.

We are also certified to UN3291 and have achieved the BSI Kitemark.

Sharpsafe containers are the ideal solution to your sharps management needs, and with sizes ranging from 0.2L right up to 30L, there really is a product for every care setting. 

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