Vernacare is a world-leading manufacturer of sharps and clinical waste containers, producing over 22 million containers each year.

Our market leading Sharpsafe® and Clinisafe® products provide a safe and sustainable clinical waste management solution.

Through 40 years of product innovation, our 5th Generation sharps containers have championed change in the industry to develop the World's First full range of single-use sharps containers. Combined with our Clinisafe® products, we can provide you with the optimal solution to sustainable waste management

Clinical Waste Management

The 5th Generation of Sharpsafe®

With over 40 years of industry knowledge and experience, Sharpsafe, part of the Vernacare group, are proud to introduce the world’s first sustainable single-use sharps containers.

Our 5th Generation Sharpsafe containers are manufactured using our low carbon footprint recycled material, which will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the amount of single-use plastic entering the supply chain.

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The Clinisafe® Range

The Clinisafe® clinical waste management range is made up of both cardboard and plastic containers for the safe disposal of clinical, anatomical, and laboratory waste. 

Our cardboard range of containers is the most sustainable solution to single-use clinical waste management, constructed from fsc approved recycled cardboard and containing an integral polyethylene liner for closure.

The range is approved to UN3291 and NFX 30-507 and is available in 5 litres, 12 litres, 25 litres, and 50 litres sizes. The lid can be temporarily closed when not in use and securely locked for transportation to final disposal.

If you're looking for anatomical and laboratory waste containment, our plastic Clinisafe® containers are the ideal solution with a fluid-tight adhesive seal, clearly visible fill line, simple 4 click final closure system, and in-mould label for a permanent audit trail.

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Preventing Needlestick Injuries for Healthcare Professionals

Sharpsafe® has made preventing needlestick injuries the number one priority in our design. The cost of needlestick injuries within each NHS trust is estimated to be £500k a year - a huge amount that could be spent elsewhere.

The impact of injuries on the individuals can be devastating, both mentally and physically, and our range of highly-accredited sharps containers, including our near patient sharps disposal accessories, put patient safety at the forefront in a commitment to minimise needlestick injuries.

We are also commited to educating others on the dangers, so our training is designed to compliment infection prevention training programmes and ensure all users receive the correct guidance for everyone's safety.

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Together with our global partners, we distribute to every corner of the globe.

Together with our global partners, we distribute to every corner of the globe.

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