Vortex+ Macerator - 230V

  • Product Code: 2040ZA001
  • NPC Code: FSE202

The Vortex+ macerator is designed for the quick and safe disposal of single use containers such as bedpans, urinals and bowls, complete with touchless technology.

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Product description

Our Vortex+ macerator incorporates the latest infection prevention technologies, featuring completely hands-free operation to minimise the risk of spreading pathogens in highly infectious  sluice room environments.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
SmartFlow™ ensures No Strain on Your Drain by keeping the contents sealed inside the drum, water is pumped in and the pulp is fully saturated before the cycle begins ensuring the finest maceration. Upon discharge, the fine particles (less than 10mm, which is the same consistency as toilet paper) flow with a consistent low solid to water ratio and giving your facility excellent free flowing Drains. Studies have proven our discharge flow rate is 4x faster than any of our competitors. 

Features and benefits

  • Hand-free technology reduces the risk of cross infection
  • Independent testing against aerosols
  • Prevents aerosolisation of potentially harmful pathogens with an inflatable lid seal
  • Minimal power & water consumption
  • Processes up to four pulp items per 2-minute cycle, using only 24 litres of cold water
  • User friendly display
  • Shows status of the cycle and technical diagnostics messaging, helping to reduce downtim
  • Integrated deodoriser
  • Fully built-in disinfection system for improved infection prevention & reduction in residual odours

Product details

NA Code V45-300
Units Per Case 1

Product labels

Together with our global partners, we distribute to every corner of the globe.

Together with our global partners, we distribute to every corner of the globe.

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