Bringing hepatitis care closer to you


The World Health Organisation (WHO) report 1,100,000 deaths per year caused by hepatitis B and C infections globally.[1] This figure clearly demonstrates the need for change and increased efforts to tackle hepatitis cases. We need to work to make hepatitis care and treatment more accessible within communities, ensuring a less stigmatised and more effective approach to support.

On 28th July, WHO are supporting World Hepatitis Day to raise awareness of the public health impact caused by viral hepatitis. This year’s campaign, bringing hepatitis care closer to you, highlights the need to facilitate better access to hepatitis care and treatment for all.

The World Health Organisation have set a goal to eliminate viral hepatitis as a public health issue by 2030, aiming to reduce hepatitis transmission by 90% and deaths by 65%.[1]  They are calling on global communities and governments to bring care closer to primary health facilities and communities; allowing a higher diagnoses rate, leading to appropriate treatment being provided.

People who inject drugs are at an increased risk of contracting Hepatitis B and C as a result of sharing and reusing injecting equipment. An estimated 23-39% of new Hepatitis C Virus infections occur due to injecting drug use.[2] A package of Harm Reduction and other community interventions are recommended to tackle hepatitis infections but WHO state “harm reduction remains insufficiently scaled up and accessible.”[3]


Here at Vernacare, we work to contribute towards the elimination of hepatitis-associated illnesses via our work within Harm Reduction. Our dedicated team work with governments, charities and harm reduction organisations and services to reduce the harms associated with injecting drug use.

We provide specialist equipment to reduce the risk of infection through the sharing of equipment used to prepare and inject drugs, with the primary aim of reducing the risk of bloodborne virus transmission.


Find out more about our infection-reducing solutions as part of our Harm Reduction range.