To help ensure effective infection prevention control, Vernacare developed the body fluid spill kit range of VernaGel to quickly manage spillages.

As nurses travel to and from wards to sluice rooms, spillages can occur and, in some instances, these spillages lead to outbreaks. As a super absorbent polymer, VernaGel’s patented water-soluble seal solidifies up to 1.2 litres of liquid within seconds. This results in fewer spillages, easier disposal, and improved infection control.

What is VernaGel?

The VernaGel range consists of products made from a dry granule with rapid absorption properties.

When placed into contact with liquid contents including urine, faeces, blood and vomit, these are absorbed into a semi-solid state. This ensures carrying bodily and other fluids is no longer a high-risk task.

VernaGel helps healthcare professionals to speed up the human waste disposal process, significantly reduces the risk of cross-infection, helps minimise residual odours and prevents spillages and accidents from happening.

Using VernaGel

Available in three different formats, VernaGel can be used directly into single use disposable medical pulp and reusable bedpans, urinals and other containers after use.

VernaGel is available in:

  • Sachets - for use placing directly into disposable medical pulp containers and reusable containers
  • Tubs - granules for shaking in high usage areas of facilities including theatres and wards
  • Shaker - directly targets specific areas of liquids for absorption. Once the body fluid spill kit has been used and the fluids have been absorbed, VernaGel granules can then be safely disposed of in both hospital macerators or clinical waste bins 

The sachets and loose granules are ideal to use in various healthcare situations where fluids are present, including bedpans, urinals, kidney dishes, sharps residues, liquid medicine disposal and ostomy.

For guidance on disposal, contact your local water Regulatory Authority.

Suitable for use in healthcare facilities as well as other facilities including veterinary centres, the range requires no prior training for use.

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