The importance of an effective, hygienic human waste disposal system has never been so important and Vernacare Medical Pulp provides the perfect solution for optimum patient comfort and infection prevention.

The Vernacare single-use disposable system for managing human excreta, provides enhanced protection for patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers.

The full infection control range consists of solutions to create a more dignified experience for the patient and nurse. For assisting bedbound patients in safe and hygienic toileting with medical pulp containers this range provides an array of products for the patient bedside and the sluice/dirty utility room.

Disposable Patient Bedside Care Solutions

We are the largest manufacturer of medical graded pulp products in the world, providing healthcare facilities with choice and guaranteed supply to ensure maximum user satisfaction. Our medical-grade pulp delivers an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective infection prevention solution.

This combined with our market-leading contactless hospital macerators featuring SmartFlow™ technology, allows Vernacare to be the preferred choice in patient care and sluice room solutions. Not only is disposing of single-use medical pulp products such as urinals, bowls and dishes in a pulp macerator after use safer for everyone, but the risk of cross-contamination is also removed when compared to traditional washing.

Vernacare are the only company in the world who can supply a healthcare facility with the complete single-use disposable patient bedside care solution, from general care and toileting to bathing and assistance in treatment.

The Problem with Communal Care Equipment

To this day reusing plastic and metal bedpans still exist. It is our mission to eliminate bedpan washers, bedpan washer-disinfectors and reusable plastic.

These can harm both patients and professional through the spread of harmful viruses, bacteria, and spores living on unclean surfaces of plastic containers.

It is not only undignified for patients and unpleasant for caregivers but can also contribute to the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs), such as C.Difficile, VRE, Norovirus, CRE.

Safe Disposal with Our Hospital Macerators

Our hospital macerator range protects staff through completely hands-free operation, minimising the risk of spreading pathogens in highly infectious environments. We are the only company in the world that has commissioned an independent report to prove that our pulp macerators do not produce any aerosols and no detectable external contamination, demonstrating effective infection prevention and control.

Our range has options available for different healthcare settings, allowing the facility to choose which machine is right for them. From busy Critical Wards and NHS Nightingale hospitals to smaller chemotherapy wards and long term care establishments, our macerators are designed with the protection of the users in mind.

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