Vernacare Harm Reduction was developed to meet the demand for specialised equipment for the NSP and harm reduction market.

Harm reduction is a term that is fundamental to us. It’s “a term that defines policies, programmes, services and actions that work to reduce the health, social and economic harms to individuals, communities, and society that are associated with the use of drugs".

Working co-productively with multiple stakeholders, we now supply hundreds of bespoke products, to thousands of services across the UK and rest of the world, as a leader in the provision of Harm Reduction paraphernalia.

Our Range

Vernacare provide harm reduction solutions such as a comprehensive range of NSP packs, sharps containers, packaged solutions and associated paraphernalia. Our solutions are supported by Vernacare's online training platform, which delivers value based on the needs of the system, and catering our solutions to specific requirements.

Our sharps containers are supplied with a wide variety of harm reduction messages incorporated into the in-mould label, that assist in promoting harm reduction initiatives by reinforcing and consolidating existing methods of communication.


Packaged Solutions

Vernacare supply a range of packaged solutions, including NPS packs, One Hit Kits and glasses cases to meet the individuals needs of service users.

Our One Hit Kits contain enough sterile equipment for a sterile injection. One Hit Kits support safer injecting practices and helps to reduce the re-use and sharing of equipment. The kits are available with a range of needle and syringe sizes and coloured syringes.

Our NSP packs are available for pharmacies and services and are fully customisable allowing every service to supply the most appropriate range of paraphernalia to meet individual need and to ensure the provision of enough suitable equipment.

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