Ultra Four is a multi-layer compression bandage system for the management of venous leg ulcers and associated conditions. Supplied as a kit, Ultra Four is clinically proven and provides a cost effective method of treatment.

We have a long and proud history in the design and production of woundcare products, dating back to the 1850’s and the manufacture of surgical dressings during the Crimean War. Today’s products comply with the latest standards and regulations and complement other professional healthcare products in the range.

High Performance

Leg ulceration is associated mostly with venous disease and is a large problem in the UK with approximately 59% of leg ulcers being of venous origin (3), costing the NHS around £400m per year (4). Many clinical trials have been carried out on multi-layer bandage systems. Ultra Four achieved 83% healing rate in 20 weeks (1), very similar to other trials that have taken place [83% over 24 weeks (1,5,6)] and so is clinically proven to be effective.

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Not Manufactured with Natural Rubber Latex

Ultra Four is also 100% free from natural rubber latex as standard, at no additional cost. This is significant as it reduces the chance of allergy or sensitisation complications for patients during treatment. It is equally important for professionals who may become sensitive to natural rubber latex.

Ultra Four kits are supplied in a handy bag with a carry handle for ease of transportation when used in the community. Each bag contains an insert card, which has full, easy to follow step-by-step instructions for use.

  • Gold standard multi-layer compression bandage system
  • Clinically proven - achieves 83% healing rate in 20 weeks (1)
  • Competitive, cost effective kits
  • Not manufactured with natural rubber latex as standard
  • Durable system that can remain in place for up to a week
  • Convenient kit bag with carry handles
  • Available on Drug Tariff

References: 1. Vowden KR, Journal of Wound Care (2000) 2. Lane C et al, Journal of Wound Care (2001) 3. Date J et al, Professional Nursing supplement (1993) 4. Moffatt et al, Professional Nurse (1994) 5. Moffatt et al, Phlebology (1999) 6. Vowden KR, Journal of Wound Care (2001)

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