Readigloves® is the name in high quality, high performance single use medical examination gloves.

Designed to complement the extensive range of healthcare consumables already manufactured and supplied by us, such as Instrapac® single use instruments and the Readi® range of continence care products, the Readigloves® range has been carefully selected to provide a solution to the overwhelming majority of examination and general purpose uses for disposable gloves by medical professionals.

Why Use Our Products?

The use of high quality, single use medical examination gloves has played an essential part in controlling Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs), along with correct hand hygiene policies - safeguarding both healthcare workers and patients. As a result the market has grown rapidly with a bewildering proliferation of glove types of widely varying performance and cost. Choosing the right glove, with the correct performance specification has become difficult. Consequently, many trusts now order a multitude of gloves, pushing costs up at a time when budgets are challenging.

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Why Use Our Products?

Quality, Performance & Protection

The result is a focused range from which it is quick and easy to select the most appropriate glove, avoiding costly proliferation of stock for purchasing managers, whilst providing the right choice of glove to match the task for the user. As a minimum specification, all products in the Readigloves® range are compliant with the Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745 and the PPE Regulation 2016/425 for Minimal Risks.

For more onerous or specific tasks, specialist gloves are offered to complete the range. A full explanation of regulatory compliance, product standards and testing is provided on the relevant product pages.

The Readigloves® range features some of the latest, advanced formula materials and manufacturing technology to deliver high quality, high performance protection without breaking budget constraints. These techniques allow us to offer a new generation of gloves that combine dexterity, tactility and comfort with strength, durability and chemical resistance at economical prices.

Quality, Performance & Protection

Nytraguard®, Cyraguard® and Vinoguard® are our brand names for nitrile, latex and vinyl (stretch and standard) medical examination gloves.

New Generation Technology

The range offers gloves for all medical examination and medical general purpose tasks, with a choice of materials that meet a variety of needs. As well as being suitable for medical purposes, Readigloves® can be used for a multitude of everyday tasks - where the superior performance designed for medical use is more than enough for more routine tasks. Some gloves in the range are also certified for use in laboratories.

The Readigloves® range is manufactured from:

  • Nitrile
  • Latex
  • Vinyl (stretch and standard)
New Generation Technology

Our Ranges

Nyrtaguard® Nitrile Gloves

Nytraguard® is the Readigloves® brand name for nitrile examination gloves. Nitrile is the quickly becoming the material of choice for many healthcare workers as it has a similar performance to latex for many tasks, but is more durable and benefits from being free of any latex proteins, which can cause Type l allergy problems for some individuals.

Nytraguard® gloves are made from a synthetic polymer - acrylonitrile butadiene - that is typically stronger and more durable than traditional latex gloves.

Cyraguard® Latex Gloves

Cyraguard® is the Readigloves® brand name for latex examination gloves. Latex is the traditional material used to produce examination gloves, manufactured from natural rubber latex (NRL) extracted from rubber trees. Latex gloves offer high performance thanks to the highly elastic properties of NRL.

Vinoguard® Vinyl Gloves

Vinoguard® is the Readigloves® brand name for vinyl gloves. Vinyl is a synthetic polymer, more commonly known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), with added plasticisers, to make the rigid polymer flexible and suitable for use as a glove.

Vinyl gloves are latex free but can still cause dermatitis in wearers, due to the chemicals they contain. Vinyl gloves are of lower performance than both nitrile and latex but do offer a low cost option for low risk tasks.

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