Oasis® ‘water free’ bathing solutions are an effective pre-impregnated cleansing solution, proven to physically remove over 99% of contamination.

Choosing from our range of bed bathing washcloths and shampoo caps reduces skin bacteria, lowers the risk of transmission, reduces bathing and contact time for nurses and supports independent patient bathing.

Clinical tests have demonstrated that Oasis® improves skin moisturisation by 17% and Improved Hygiene Supports a Reduction in Catherter-associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs). One study found that the removal of washbowls and replacement with a pre-packaged solution reduced CAUTI rates by 88%.

Why Switch to Waterless Bathing?

Traditional bed bathing practices using soap and water pose many inherent issues for both patient and nurse.

  • A study found that 62.2% of ‘clean’ plastic washbasins were contaminated with pathogens including organisms such as VRE and MRSA
  • In 2016, laundry and linen services cost NHS England over £188 million
  • The use of multiple components similar to soap and paper towels can be costly
  • The time taken to gather, use and dispose of this equipment can pose a significant burden
  • The use of traditional soap during cleansing is known to alter the skin’s ph levels, often causing skin damage
  • Transportation of basins to and from the sluice room can pose health and safety and spillage risks to both nurse and patient
  • Sinks can be a source of pathogenic spread after disposal of contaminated fluids

Oasis® washcloths are proven to increase skin moisturisation by 17% and this improved hygiene function supports a reduction in CAUTIs.

Why Choose Oasis® Washcloths?

The large, soft washcloths contain a unique combination of skin cleansers to help remove sweat, dirt, urine and faeces from the skin.

  • Proven to reduce costs - a BJN study highlights that the Oasis® bed bathing system could save £6,000 per ward per year and 21 hours of nursing time per week
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination - use one single use cloth per anatomical region to ensure effective cleansing and minimised risk of cross-contamination
  • Improved patient experience - reduced manual repositioning and manipulation of patients, helping maintain patient dignity
  • Proven to reduce time - Oasis® products were found to be a suitable alternative, providing a more efficient process, delivering cost and time savings
  • ‘Water free’ system reduces risk - one study showed the introduction of ‘water-free’ patient care is associated with a subsequent reduction of patient colonization with GNB, especially in patients with a longer ICU length of stay
  • Increased skin moisturisation by 17%
  • Improved hygiene supports a reduction in CAUTIs

How Do Oasis® Shampoo Caps Work?

The shampoo caps are pre-impregnated with a mild shampoo and conditioner, a massaging action releases cleansers into the hair and hydrophilic (water loving) fabric absorbs oil and dirt retaining it within the cap.

The ‘no-rinse’ solution ensures hair dries in minutes once the cap is removed, leaving the patient fresh and clean.

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