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Established in 1970, Exmoor designs, develops, manufacturers, and markets sterile surgical devices for use in Otorhinolaryngology - Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and is now a leading brand in the field.

The Exmoor brand and logo have become synonymous with high quality, innovative designs, and Exmoor prides itself on friendly and loyal customer service.

Why Choose Exmoor ENT Devices?

Exmoor ENT instruments have been in clinical use for over 50 years and are now the first choice for many clinicians. This success is based on a number of significant factors:

  • High quality instruments and packaging
  • Full compliance with Medical Devices Legislation
  • Fully certified UK manufacturing facility
  • Full control over production process in the UK
  • Reliable delivery and extensive stock of finished goods
  • First class customer service
Exmoor machinery
Exmoor machinery
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Improved Infection Control - Reduced Risk to Patients and Healthcare Professionals

Reusable instruments must be thoroughly decontaminated before re-sterilisation and use again. If cleaning protocols are not closely followed, there is an increased risk of onward transmission prion-mediated diseases, such as vCID.

Single-use instruments significantly reduce the risk of cross-infection as each instrument is new and unused. Therefore there is no risk of contamination by blood, tissue, bacteria, viruses or prions. Every instrument goes through the sterilisation process and is guaranteed sterile. This offers peace of mind to clinicans and patients. The NHS also makes savings - treatment of surgical site infections (SSI) is estimated to cost approximately £700 million per annum1. Minimising infection risk by using single-use instruments can help to reduce this cost to the NHS and save lives.

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