The Detex™ range of X-ray detectable gauze has been developed in line with the customer needs to allow practitioners to ensure patient safety in theatre.

When preparing the theatre for any type of operation, patient safety is paramount. Any complication or delay on surgery could result in patient safety being compromised. In the majority of invasive procedures x-ray detectable gauze will be used.

Why Choose Detex™?

The Detex™ x-ray detectable gauze range from Vernacare has been in the market place for over forty years and has been developed in line with hospital needs.

  • All Detex™ gauze undergoes metal detection
  • Securely stitched tapes are positioned on the outside of the larger Detex™ gauze
  • Detex™ gauze tied 5’s are weighed to ensure exactly 5 Gauzes, no more, no less
  • All theatre products are double wrapped as standard, in compact user-friendly packs for ease of storage

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