Why are Grey Sharps Containers Groundbreaking?
Why are Grey Sharps Containers Groundbreaking?
Posted On December 7th, 2022
Clinical Waste Management

Since the launch of the first purpose-designed sharps container in 1979, Sharpsafe has been a market innovator producing industry defining products that minimise the risk of needlestick injuries.

In a Welsh Government funded product through WRAP Cymru, we collaborated with ASTUTE (Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies) at Swansea University to increase the percentage of recycled material within our Sharpsafe containers. Combined with our ongoing collaboration with key opinion leaders and industry experts, we have focused on making a collective impact, striving for the most sustainable and environmentally friendly products on the market.

The new 5th Generation Sharpsafe containers are our most sustainable option yet.

Designed to support our customers to achieve their sustainability goals without comprominsing on safety or design, our new grey look sharps containers introduce a new recycled products onto the market. 

We believe the future of sharps disposal is grey, but why?

Robust Supply Chain

A key issue in the industry is sourcing light-coloured polypropylene for use in sharps containers making it increasingly difficult to gather a consistent supply of recycled content to maintain the yellow colour and improve sustainability.

To tackle this concern and future-proof our sustainable solution, we have led the market in introducing grey into the base of our clinical waste and sharps containers. This groundbreaking achievement ensures a secure and sustainable supply chain of recycled material, allowing for a long term low carbon footprint solution that is readily available.

100% Recycled Material

Our range of containers are now manufactured with up to 100% recycled material in their bases. All our additional safety features such as protected access, safety and closure shields, and our supporting accessories such as our NPSD system, are also engineered using 100% recycled material. This change has helped reduce our CO2 emissions by 2,500 tonnes in just three years. 

Supports the circular economy

Reducing the impact of single-use virgin plastic is essential to achieving global sustainability targets and supporting the circular economy. If the entire European market transitioned to 5th Generation sharps containers, we would save 40,000 tonnes of virgin plastic from entering the supply chain - the equivalent of two billion plastic bottles!

Significantly lower carbon emissions

Imagine if reducing your carbon footprint was as simple as changing a colour? With our 5th Generation Sharpsafe containers that's exactly the case. 

A simple switch to a grey container can give you a 94% reduction in your carbon footprint when compared to a virgin polypropylene sharps container. 

More prominent safety features

With the new grey base on our containers, existing safety features such as the in-mould label and lid variation colours are more prominent. Easily identifiable waste segregatoin and full audit traceability has never been simplier with our 5th Generation containers putting further emphasis on patient safety.

Painless Transition

We understand the difficulties our customers face when switching suppliers, or when a current supplier changes product specification. Our 5th Generation offers a painless transition from 4th Generation with all our safety features and accreditations remaining the same. Full compatibility with existing Near Patient Sharps Disposal (NPSD) accessories is guaranteed.

All our training materials have been given a 5th Gen makeover so new and existing staff member can refresh their knowledge of our products. Our online training platform, Vernacare Academy, allows for training at your own pace on needlestick injury prevention, the fantastic sustainability benefits we offer, and how to safely assemble and use our containers. 

In short, grey is groundbreaking! There has never been a better time to transition your sharps containers.

Be part of the Sharpsafe Evolution and let's make a difference together.

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