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Providing a safer, more comfortable Cervical Screening experience

Posted On September 26th, 2022
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The phrase 'smear test' can evoke a sense of fear among women, 71% of women still feel scares to attend their cervical screening1, with many having concerns and worries about what it entails, feels like, and what any results may mean.

What is a Cervical Screening (Or smear test)?

A cervical smear test is a short test taking less than five minutes that checks for any abnormal cells in the cervix.1 It involves a nurse or clinician using a vaginal speculum and swab to gather a cell sample from the cervix. These are then sent away and tested. By catching any changes, this can prevent cervical cancer from developing.1 

Why is it essential?

A cervical screening test is one of the best ways available to protect yourself from cervical cancer.

Anyone who has a cervix is at risk of cervical cancer, so it's incredibly important for all those who can have a smear test to attend.

The NHS website outlines just some of the symptoms of cervical cancer and further information on cervical screenings, including possible causes, treatment options, and support helplines.

Improving the experience with the Instraspec Contour®

We understand that a smear test can be a daunting experience and focused our efforts on developing a vaginal speculum that would provide not only an exceptional medical device for the clinician to use, but also maximum comfort for the patient.

Our award-winning Instraspec Contour® provides complete peace of mind for patient and clinician. With a smooth profile, and a design that is unbreakable in normal use, the speculum won the Red Dot Award for Excellence in Product Design in 2020 and is tried and trusted by many NHS and private clinicians.

A Class IIa medical device, this vaginal speculum is approved for use in surgically invasive procedures, observational procedures, and examination procedures, such as a cervical screening.

Increased patient comfort

With an ergonomic, contoured profile that includes an anti-pinch hinge and beak design for trauma-free use, the Instraspec Contour® is available in five different sizes to cater for all patients and features unique gel pockets that retain lubricant and increase patient comfort.

Eliminating infection

The Instraspec Contour® is a single-use plastic vaginal speculum that has guaranteed sterility to eliminate any risk of cross infection from reusing instrument. This single-use, disposable device also removes any need for any decontamination and re-sterilisation practices, saving both costs and time better spent with a patient.

Available for both private practices and through the NHS Supply Chain, our range of vaginal speculums are accessible and ready to be implemented into all women's health procedures now.

Additional support

Many organisations are campaigning to encourage women to attend cervical screening, or smear tests, and to raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening tests.

Public Health England regularly run cervical screening campaigns as part of the wider Be Clear on Cancer initiative, and local groups such as the Smear Not Fear organisation in Hull are raising awareness to remove the 'scary' perception of cervical screenings.

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